PERB forms are now “interactive”, which means that the user may complete the form on his/her computer screen before printing the form. You can navigate from field to field using your mouse or the “Tab” key on your keyboard. (Do not use the “Enter” key to complete an entry. Instead, tab to the next text field or use your mouse to move to the next field in which you need to enter information.)

Mediation Forms

Unit Modification Petition and Checklists

The following checklists have been created for use by Board agents and parties in unit determination/modification cases. The questions on each checklist were developed by reviewing applicable statutes and case law, and are intended to identify relevant areas of inquiry. The checklist user, in preparation for an investigation, informal settlement conference or formal hearing, may use these questions as a guide for obtaining factual detail appropriate to the particular dispute, but the user should also look beyond the checklist for other evidence that may be relevant to the case at hand.

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