Sacramento Phone Directory


VacantChair(916) 323-8000
  VacantAdministrative Assistant to the Chair(916) 322-8226
Eric BanksBoard Member(916) 323-8000
  Yoon SaechaoBoard Assistant(916) 322-8188
Arthur A. KrantzBoard Member(916) 323-8000
  Rachel MorganBoard Assistant(916) 322-8000
Lou PaulsonBoard Member(916) 323-8000
  Yoon SaechaoBoard Assistant(916) 322-8188
Erich W. ShinersBoard Member(916) 323-8000
  Rachel MorganBoard Assistant(916) 322-8000

Appeals Office

  Joseph SeisaAppeals Assistant(916) 322-8231

Office of General Counsel

  Camille K. BinonRegional Attorney(916) 327-7242
  James CoffeySenior Regional Attorney(916) 327-8383
  J. Felix De La TorreGeneral Counsel(916) 327-8381
  Sheena FarroRegional Attorney(916) 327-8384
  Ronald PearsonSupervising Attorney(916) 327-8386
  Kimberly J. ProcidaRegional Attorney(916) 327-8387
  Wendi RossDeputy General Counsel(916) 327-8385
  Stacy TaylorStaff Services Analyst(916) 327-8382

Division of Administrative Law

  Christine BolognaAdministrative Law Judge(916) 324-0141
  Benjamin BuddinghStaff Services Analyst(916) 327-8389
  Shawn CloughesyChief Administrative Law Judge(916) 324-0143
  Katharine NymanAdministrative Law Judge(916) 322-8191
  Robin WesleyAdministrative Law Judge(916) 324-0142