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1500.02000 – Education Code Sections Considered by PERB (By Number)

Section 45256; 1981 amendment did not overrule Sonoma decision, 102 Cal.App.3d 689; p. 4. Section 45260; Amend at same time as section 45256 supports argument that Sonoma decision, 102 Cal.App.3d 689, was not overruled in 1981; p. 5. Section 45261; Employer's interpretation of 1981 amendment to section 45256, i.e., that it no longer had power to make salary adjustments, conflicts with the unchanged section 45256; pp. 12-13, proposed dec. Section 45268; 1981 amendment to section 45256 did not overrule Sonoma, 102 Cal.App.3d 689 decision's interpretation of section 45268's effect on the scope of bargaining; p. 4.