REPRESENTATION ISSUES; UNIT MODIFICATION – Accretion, Adding classification(s) to existing unit (PUC transit district units)

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1310.08000 – Accretion, Adding classification(s) to existing unit (PUC transit district units)

Accretion; adding classification(s) to existing unit (transit district units) Board found community of interest factors and factors unique to accretion of employees into an existing unit support adding transit ambassador (TA) classification to the existing bargaining unit. County bus system is an integrated system. Community of interest determination flows from multiple general and specific facts, including geographic location, contact, interchange, work proximity, and overlapping skills and duties between TA classification and historically included classification. In light of the preference for broad units in transit systems, Board concludes that TA classification shares a community of interest with employees in County transit district’s existing bargaining unit. The small size of proposed addition relative to existing unit favored accretion, as there was little concern that the accretion could create a QCR or otherwise disrupt the exclusive representative’s majority support within the unit. Further, the TAs would not constitute an appropriate unit in themselves.