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1402.03000 – By Contract/Zipper Clauses/Management Rights Clauses

Marysville Joint Unified School District (1983) PERB Decision No. 314 held that an employer may prove a contractual waiver defense based on clear and unambiguous contract language, even where the employer’s practice has not followed such contract language in the past. Here, CBA Article 17, “Summer School,” does not mention adult education and does not constitute a clear and unambiguous waiver as to any Adult Education terms or conditions of employment. CBA Article 6, “Hours of Employment,” mentions adult education in one provision: “The work day for [an] adult education unit member shall be according to the number of classes that are assigned to the unit member.” That language does not clearly and unambiguously waive the right to bargain over a new application requirement. Accordingly, the District did not prove a contractual waiver defense. (p. 14.)