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1303.09000 – Stay of

An appeal from an administrative determination does not automatically stay further proceedings. (PERB Reg. 32370.) However, the parties’ agreement to hold the decertification election in the fall mooted any need to formally stay the election pending the Board’s decision. The Board noted that while it is sometimes feasible to hold an election even though there are disputes over voter eligibility, as parties can challenge disputed ballots, which can then be impounded and sealed, with challenges resolved after the fact only if they are potentially dispositive in number, such a path would have been ill advised here because a large portion of the eligibility list was in dispute. Large-scale confusion over global issues (including voter eligibility or unit configuration) will tend to impair employee free choice. (City of Bellflower (2020) PERB Order No. Ad-480-M, p. 12, fn. 12.) In such circumstances, it is typically better to resolve the global issue(s) before holding an election. (Ibid.) (p. 3 & fn. 4.)