All notes for Subtopic 806.05000 – Unfair Practice Strike

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2094H Regents of the University of California * * * OVERRULED IN PART by amendment to HEERA section 3563.3, Stats. 2011, Ch. 539
806.05000: UNION UNFAIR PRACTICES; DEFENSES; Unfair Practice Strike
* * * OVERRULED IN PART ON OTHER GROUNDS by Stats. 2011, ch. 539 (S.B. 857), § 4. * * *A strike prior to the completion of statutory impasse procedures is presumed unlawful. The employee organization may rebut the presumption by proving the strike was provoked by the employer’s unfair practices. Employee organization did not prove employer committed any unfair practices and therefore failed to rebut presumption. more or view all topics or full text.