Decision 0532S – State of California (Department of Personnel Administration)

S-D-88-S (S-SR-1)

Decision Date: October 30, 1985

Decision Type: PERB Decision

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Perc Vol: 9
Perc Index: 16236

Decision Headnotes

1503.02000 – Regulations Considered (By Number)

* * * OVERRULED IN PART BY Pasadena Area Community College District (2023) PERB Order No. Ad-502, where the Board held that, to the extent that State of California (Department of Personnel Administration) and Association of Staff, Administrative and Financial Employees (1985) PERB Decision No. 532-S can be read as requiring OGC to apply the same eligibility standards at the proof of support stage and the election stage, that interpretation is wrong. * * *

Regulation No. 32770 - decertification petition dismissed - inadequate showing of support; Board rejects limiting number of unit members based on "temporary/intermittent" status.