Decision 1117S – State of California (Museum of Science and Industry)


Decision Date: September 15, 1995

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description: Unit modification petition including supervising museum security officer classification in protective services and public safety bargaining unit incorrectly granted because classification is supervisory.

Disposition: Board found inclusion of supervising museum security officer in unit appropriate and granted unit modification petition.

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Perc Vol: 19
Perc Index: 26134

Decision Headnotes

1310.01000 – In General

Watch commanders are nonsupervisory because (1) they do not exercise ongoing independent judgment, which is evident from fact that others review their recommendations and have the power to overrule or disapprove those recommendations (2) they perform duties pursuant to established guidelines and (3) their work is substantially similar to the officers they supervise; pp. 3-4.