Decision 1385E – Corona-Norco Teachers Association, CTA/NEA (Rumrill)


Decision Date: May 11, 2000

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description: Employee appealed Board agent’s dismissal of charge alleging that union violated its duty of fair representation when it failed to bargain on employees’ behalf.

Disposition: Dismissed. Charge untimely filed.

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Perc Vol: 24
Perc Index: 31097

Decision Headnotes

800.03000 – Negotiations

The Association is not required or expected to satisfy all members of the bargaining unit it represents, and the duty of fair representation does not mean that the Association is barred from making contracts which may have unfavorable effects on some of the members. A wide range of reasonableness must be allowed a statutory bargaining representative in serving the unit it represents. Association failed to contact all employees affected by a potential contract change for a meeting to discuss the change. However, it sought to correct the problem by getting an accurate list from the District. Association's failure to gain the benefit for some employees, provide requested minutes and answer several questions do not demonstrate retaliation, or a DFR.