Decision 1514H – Trustees of the California State University


Decision Date: April 2, 2003

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description: The Board accepted the parties’ joint requests to withdraw exceptions, withdraw the charge, dismiss the complaint, and withdraw an ALJ decision which had found the University violated HEERA by failing to provide timely and relevant information, threatening a SETC member, and separating seven temporary employees from employment.

Disposition: The Board ordered the charge withdrawn with prejudice, the complaint dismissed with prejudice, and the ALJ decision vacated. The Board found that granting the requests was consistent with the purposes of HEERA and in the best interests of the parties as they had settled their dispute and jointly submitted the requests.

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Perc Vol: 27
Perc Index: 43

Decision Headnotes

1107.15000 – Withdrawal of Appeal; Request that Decision be Vacated

In response to a settlement, the Board granted the parties’ request to withdraw exceptions, dismiss complaint, and vacate proposed decision as being in the best interests of HEERA.