Decision 2136S – State of California (Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation)


Decision Date: October 12, 2010

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description:  The complaint alleged that CDCR rejected Woods on probation because she enlisted the aid of her union regarding workplace issues.

Disposition:  The Board affirmed the ALJ’s dismissal of the complaint.  The Board held that Woods failed to establish a prima facie case that CDCR rejected her because of her union assistance and that CDCR established it would have rejected Woods based on her workplace behavior even if SEIU had not assisted her.  The Board found no merit in Woods’ claims of ALJ misconduct and transcript irregularities, and affirmed the ALJ’s quashing of two subpoenas and exclusion of testimony by one of Woods’ witnesses.

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Perc Vol: 34
Perc Index: 148

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