Decision 2178S – State of California (Information Technology Bargaining Unit 22 and Service Employees International Union Local 1000/California State Employees Association)


Decision Date: May 23, 2011

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Disposition: A group of information technology employees filed a petition to sever a group of information technology classifications from State Bargaining Unit 1 (Professional, Administrative, Financial, and Staff Services).

Description: The Board dismissed the petition because the petitioner failed to establish that the proposed unit was more appropriate than the existing unit.

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Perc Vol: 35
Perc Index: 81

Decision Headnotes

1105.07000 – Administrative and Judicial Notice

Information technology policy letter is subject to judicial notice, where document is an official act of the executive department of the state and is relevant to an issue before the Board.

1308.01000 – In General

State information technology employees do not share a community of interest separate and distinct from the rest of existing State Bargaining Unit 1, and that the history of representation requires severance of these employees in a separate bargaining unit. Petitioner has not rebutted presumption that the existing unit is more appropriate than the proposed unit. Petitioner also failed to establish that a conflict of interest exists between the interests of information technology employees and non-information technology employees that precludes it from effectively representing both groups.