Decision 2653M – City of Santa Rosa (Fire Department)


Decision Date: July 8, 2019

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description An administrative law judge issued a proposed decision finding that a City violated MMBA sections 3505 and 3506.5, subdivision (c), by bypassing employees’ exclusive representative  and engaging in a direct effort to determine employee sentiment rather than leaving such efforts to the employees’ exclusive representative.   City excepted to the proposed decision.

 Disposition:  While exceptions were pending before the Board, Board informed that parties had reached a global settlement of all disputes and Union requested that it be permitted to withdraw the underlying charge and that the complaint be dismissed with prejudice.  Board found withdrawal of the underlying unfair practice charge and dismissal of the complaint pursuant to a global settlement agreement between the parties to be consistent with the MMBA’s purpose of promoting harmonious labor relations, and granted request.

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Perc Vol: 44
Perc Index: 31

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