Decision 2711Ea – Berkeley Unified School District


Decision Date: June 29, 2020

Decision Type: PERB Decision (Non-Precedential)

Description:  Charging party Linette Robinson (Robinson) filed a request for reconsideration of the Board’s decision in Berkeley Unified School District (2020) PERB Decision No. 2711. In that non-precedential decision, the Board affirmed dismissal of the complaint alleging that the Berkeley Unified School District (District) violated the Educational Employment Relations Act by issuing Robinson a letter of reprimand for her allegedly protected activities. In her request for reconsideration, Robinson also challenged the Board’s designation of the decision as non-precedential.

Disposition: The Board denied the request for reconsideration and the request to designate the decision as precedential. Robinson failed to establish a basis for reconsideration under PERB Regulation 32410, subdivision (a), and failed to allege with specificity how the decision satisfied any criteria that would support a precedential designation.

Perc Vol: 45
Perc Index: 15

Decision Headnotes

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