Decision 2764E – San Francisco Community College District


Decision Date: April 19, 2021

Decision Type: PERB Decision (Non-Precedential)

Description: Carolyn Escalante alleged that the San Francisco Community College District retaliated against her for protected activity and interfered with her exercise of protected rights. PERB’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC) issued a complaint as to some of Escalante’s allegations but dismissed other claims on the grounds that they did not state a prima facie case and fell outside the statute of limitations. Escalante filed a timely appeal.

Disposition:  While the matter was pending before the Board on Escalante’s appeal of the partial dismissal, the parties notified PERB that they had settled the matter. The Board found that it was in the best interest of the parties, and consistent with the purposes of EERA, to grant Escalante’s request to withdraw her appeal from the partial dismissal of her second amended charge, and to dismiss with prejudice the underlying unfair practice charge and complaint.

Perc Vol: 45
Perc Index: 95

Decision Headnotes

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