Decision 2769M – City of Bellflower


Decision Date: June 8, 2021

Decision Type: PERB Decision (Non-Precedential)

Description: The complaint alleged that the City of Bellflower violated its local rules, the MMBA, and PERB Regulations while processing a decertification petition filed by Bellflower City Employees Association (BCEA). The Office of the General Counsel stayed decertification proceedings pending a final determination. The ALJ dismissed the charge, and AFSCME excepted.

Disposition: In a non-precedential decision, the Board partially reversed the proposed decision and found that the City unreasonably applied its local rules by processing a noncompliant decertification petition and sending it to all bargaining unit employees without requiring BCEA to correct misleading language that would impact employee free choice. The Board affirmed the proposed decision’s finding that BCEA’s authorization language which demonstrated that the petitioning employees designated BCEA to represent them in their employee relations with the City, was sufficient proof of support for a combined decertification-recognition petition. The Board ordered the City to cease processing BCEA’s flawed Petition, and, if BCEA submits a petition that complies with the City’s local rules, to process it lawfully.

Perc Vol: 45
Perc Index: 118

Decision Headnotes

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