Decision 2838Ea – Santa Ana Unified School District


Decision Date: January 13, 2023

Decision Type: PERB Decision (Non-Precedential)

Description: Christine L. Felicijan filed a request that the Board reconsider its decision in Santa Ana Unified School District (2022) PERB Decision No. 2838 (non‑precedential). In that decision, the Board found Felicijan failed to prove that Santa Ana Unified School District had refused to consult with her as required by its Administrative Regulation in retaliation for Felicijan’s EERA-protected activities, and dismissed the complaint. In her motion for reconsideration, Felicijan claims the Board made prejudicial errors of fact, arguing that the Board erred while weighing and interpreting the record evidence and in making credibility determinations. The request registers disagreement the Board’s determinations and seeks to have the Board try again, which are not appropriate grounds for reconsideration.

Disposition: In a non-precedential decision the Board denied the request.

Perc Vol: 47
Perc Index: 117

Decision Headnotes

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