Decision A300S – State of California (Departments of Personnel Administration, Banking, et al.)


Decision Date: October 27, 1999

Decision Type: Administrative Appeal

Description: The Board reversed a Board’s agent’s administrative determination concerning compliance with a Board order in State of California Departments of Personnel Administration, Banking, Transportation, Water Resources and Board of Equalization (1998) PERB Decision No. 1279-S.

Disposition: The Board found that the State had complied with the Order in the underlying decision.

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Perc Vol: 24
Perc Index: 31003

Decision Headnotes

1205.03000 – Notices; Posting, Reading, and Mailing

The purpose of posting is to ensure that all employees affected by a decision are notified of their rights under the statute and of PERB's findings regarding violations of those rights. Posting also serves to notify the affected employees that the controversy has been resolved and announces the employer's readiness to comply with the ordered remedy. No statewide posting here because the case involved the legality of three particular agencies' policies and/or the application of those policies to employees of those agencies. The charge does not identify or challenge a statewide policy. It does not claim that the agencies' policies had a unit-wide effect. It does not claim that any other agency's policy violated the Dills Act, beyond the named agencies. Accordingly, the remedy applies only to the three agencies whose policies and application of those policies were at issue in the case and were found to be unlawful.