Decision A301E – Long Beach Community College District (California School Employees Association, Teamsters, American Federation of Teachers)

LA-DP-324; LA-SV-130

Decision Date: January 3, 2000

Decision Type: Administrative Appeal

Description: The Board denied the Charging Party’s request for a stay of the representation election pending an appeal of a Board agent’s administrative determination. The Board instead ordered the ballots cast in the election impounded pending the Board’s decision In the appeal of the administrative decision.

Disposition: Denied.

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Perc Vol: 24
Perc Index: 31040

Decision Headnotes

1302.03000 – Stay of

The Board concluded that the purposes of the EERA will not be effectuated by staying the representation election in this case where petition filed by rival union to sever a unit of blue collar workers from the unit of classified employees was held in abeyance until certification by PERB of the results of the representation election. However, the Board further concluded that the purposes of EERA would be furthered by ordering that the ballots cast in the representation election be impounded pending the Board's decision in the charging party's appeal of the Board agent's administrative determination; p. 2.