Decision A489E – Los Angeles Unified School District


Decision Date: January 7, 2022

Decision Type: Administrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)

Description:  Joei Dyes and the AnonymousKnowNothings (Charging Parties) appealed an administrative determination by PERB’s Appeals Office rejecting their appeal of a dismissal as untimely.

Disposition:  In a nonprecedential decision, the Board denied the appeal from the administrative determination and affirmed the dismissal. Charging Parties argued that they had a past practice of adding an additional day to a filing deadline when a holiday occurred within the time period to file. PERB Regulations do not provide an extension to the deadline when a holiday falls on a day within the filing period other than the last day to file. The Board found Charging Parties failed to establish good cause to excuse the late filing because based on their conduct in other cases, their explanation for the calendaring error was neither a reasonable nor credible.

Perc Vol: 46
Perc Index: 101

Decision Headnotes

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