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PERB Case Numbering

PERB cases have the following format: [Region]-[Case Type]-[Sequential Number]-[Jurisdictional Suffix]

[Region]-[Case Type]-[Sequential Number]-[Jurisdictional Suffix]

PERB Regions
SASacramento Regional Office
SFSan Francisco Regional Office in Oakland
LALos Angeles Regional Office in Glendale

[Region]-[Case Type]-[Sequential Number]-[Jurisdictional Suffix]

UPC Case Types
CEUPC Against Employer
COUPC Against Employee Organization
PEPECC Charge Against Employer
POPECC Charge Against Employee Organization


Representation Case Types
ACAmendment of Certification
DPDecertification Petition
IMImpasse – Mediation Request
OSOrganizational Security Election
PAChild Care Provider Organization Application (Ed. Code, § 8432)
PCPetition for Certification
RRRequest for Recognition
SVSeverance Petition
UMUnit Modification Petition


Miscellaneous Additional Case Types
LTOriginal Litigation (No Underlying PERB Case)
BRPetition for Board Review (No Longer Used)
PNPublic Notice Complaint (No Longer Used)
WHRequest to Withhold IHSS Funds (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 12301.61)

[Region]-[Case Type]-[Sequential Number]-[Jurisdictional Suffix]

Jurisdictional Suffixes Based on Acts Covered by PERB
CThe Trial Court Act (Gov. Code, § 71600 et seq.)
EEERA (Gov. Code, § 3540 et seq.)
HHEERA (Gov.Code, § 3560 et seq.)
IThe Court Interpreter Act (Gov. Code section 71800 et seq.)
JJCEERA (Gov. Code, § 3529.50 et seq.)
KIHSSEERA (Gov. Code, § 71800 et seq.) (Repealed)
MMMBA (Gov. Code, § 3500 et seq.)
NChild Care Worker Act (Ed. Code, § 8430 et seq.)
PVarious Public Transit District Acts codified in the Public Utilities Code
SThe Dills Act (Gov. Code, § 3512 et seq.)
TTEERA (Pub. Util. Code, § 99560 et seq.)


PERB Topic Index

The PERB Topic Index is organized by subject matter with each topic being assigned a topical number. For example, the topic “PERB: Operation, Jurisdiction, Authority; Operation of EERA, Dills (SEERA), HEERA – In General” is number 100.01000. For each Board decision, as well as a small number of important court decisions, brief summary statements (or headnotes) have been developed for each topic that the decision addressed.

The PERB Decision Search Engine allows searches of these headnotes in any of three ways: The user may simply browse the topic index and pull up all headnotes entered under a topic; or do a word search of the index; or do a word search of the headnotes themselves.Each headnote identifies the decision it summarizes by the decision number. A number which has no preceding letter refers to the PERB Decision of that number. The preceding letter “A” refers to an administrative appeal decision; the letter “I” refers to an injunctive relief decision; the letter “J” refers to a judicial review decision; the letter “C” refers to a court decision; and the letter “M” refers to a court decision under MMBA.

Please note that PERB does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the index. For this reason, the PERB Decision Search Engine should be used as an aid in legal research only. The citations and holdings of the cases summarized herein should be checked for accuracy before they are used in legal documents.