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DecisionDescriptionCase #TypePERC Vol.PERC IndexDatePDF
A514EDailey Elementary Charter SchoolSA-RR-1211-EAdministrative Appeal04/18/24
2899SState of California (State Teachers' Retirement System)SF-CE-305-SPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)04/10/24
2898MSacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control DistrictSA-CE-1184-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)04/10/24
A513PNorth County Transit DistrictSMCS 23-3-226 (LA-DP-470-M)Administrative Appeal04/04/24
2897MCity of MontebelloLA-CE-1662-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)03/18/24
2896MCity of MontebelloLA-CE-1656-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)03/18/24
2895M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Palomar HealthLA-CE-1581-MPERB Decision03/15/24PDF
A512HTrustees of the California State University (San Diego)LA-CE-1370-HAdministrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)03/13/24
2894SState of California (Department of Public Health)SA-CE-2219-SPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)03/11/24
A511ESt. HOPE Public SchoolsSA-DP-278-EAdministrative Appeal03/11/24PDF
2893EStockton Unified School DistrictSA-CE-3053-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)03/08/24
2892MTransport Workers Union of America Local 250-A (Vikram)SF-CO-518-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)03/08/24
2891MCity and County of San FranciscoSF-CE-1779-MPERB Decision4813202/27/24PDF
A510MCity and County of San FranciscoSF-CE-2037-MAdministrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)4812702/22/24
2890MEl Centro Regional Medical CenterLA-CE-1566-MPERB Decision4812802/21/24PDF
2889HRegents of the University of California (Irvine)LA-CE-1395-HPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4812502/09/24
2888S* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * State of California (California Correctional Health Care Services)SA-CE-2198-SPERB Decision4812402/08/24PDF
2887EOakland Unified School DistrictSF-CE-3523-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4811801/26/24
A509SState of California (Department of Veterans Affairs)LA-CE-758-SAdministrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)4811601/10/24
A508SState of California (California Correctional Health Care Services)SF-CE-290-SAdministrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)4811301/09/24

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