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Note: Some decision PDFs may not be immediately available on the PERB website. Non-precedential decision PDFs are not posted to the web. To request issued decisions that are not available on the website, please email with the decision number and case name.

DecisionDescriptionCase #TypePERC Vol.PERC IndexDatePDF
2873HTrustees of the California State University (San Diego)LA-CE-1358-HPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)09/27/23
2872SService Employees International Union Local 1000 (Williams)SA-CO-512-SPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)09/06/23
2871PSacramento Regional Transit DistrictSA-PC-23-PPERB Decision08/31/23PDF
2870EInglewood Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6680-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/24/23
2869ESouth Orange County Community College DistrictLA-CE-6579-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/23/23
2868M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * El Camino Healthcare District, El Camino Hospital, and Silicon Valley Medical Development, LLCSF-CE-1698-MPERB Decision08/15/23PDF
A504MConsolidated Irrigation DistrictSA-DP-284-MAdministrative Appeal08/14/23PDF
2857EaBarstow Community College DistrictLA-CE-6666-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)08/02/23
2867M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * City and County of San FranciscoSF-CE-1663-M, SF-CE-1675-M, & SF-CE-1676-MPERB Decision07/24/23PDF
2860Ma* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Orange County Employees Association (Sanchez)LA-CO-254-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)07/21/23
2866MCounty of RiversideLA-CE-1457-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)482606/30/23
A503MCity and County of San Francisco (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency)SF-CE-1867-MAdministrative Appeal (Non-Precedential)482706/30/23
A502EPasadena Area Community College DistrictLA-DP-463-EAdministrative Appeal481906/28/23PDF
2865EMt. San Jacinto Community College DistrictLA-CE-6583-EPERB Decision481506/28/23PDF
2864ETurlock Teachers AssociationSA-CO-659-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)481406/16/23
2863EUnited Teachers Los AngelesLA-CO-824-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)481306/14/23
2862MCity of California CityLA-CE-1604-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)481206/14/23
2861MImperial Irrigation DistrictLA-CE-1482-MPERB Decision4716305/08/23PDF
2830SaState of California (State Water Resources Control Board)LA-CE-740-SPERB Decision4716005/02/23PDF
2860M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Orange County Employees Association (Sanchez)LA-CO-254-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4715805/02/23

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