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Note: Some decision PDFs may not be immediately available on the PERB website. Non-precedential decision PDFs are not posted to the web. To request issued decisions that are not available on the website, please email with the decision number and case name.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: New regulations took effect on 2/15/21.  These regulations permit electronic filing via ePERB until 11:59 on a given day, thereby partially superceding certain Board decisions regarding the Board’s 5:00 PM close of business. The 5:00 PM close of business remains valid for mail or in person filings (those methods of filing are only available to unrepresented individuals).

DecisionDescriptionCase #TypePERC Vol.PERC IndexDatePDF
2759HRegents of the University of CaliforniaSF-PE-1-H & SF-PE-2-HPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)04/07/21
A486MCentral Basin Municipal Water DistrictLA-RR-1296-MAdministrative Appeal03/24/21PDF
2758MCounty of VenturaLA-CE-1260-M & LA-CE-1268-MPERB Decision03/23/21PDF
2757MCity and County of San FranciscoSF-CE-1683-MPERB Decision03/03/21PDF
A485MCounty of Santa ClaraSF-CE-1688-MPERB Decision03/02/21PDF
2756HRegents of the University of CaliforniaSF-PE-5-HPERB Decision03/01/21PDF
2755HRegents of the University of CaliforniaSF-CE-1188-H, SF-CE-1189-H, and SF-CE-1192-HPERB Decision03/01/21PDF
A484MCity of ComptonLA-CE-1400-MAdministrative Appeal01/12/21
2754MOrange County Employees AssociationLA-CO-241-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)12/22/20
2753ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6488-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)12/21/20
A483MCounty of Santa ClaraSF-IM-230-MAdministrative Appeal12/17/20PDF
2752MCity of OakdaleSA-CE-1071-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)12/17/20
2751M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * City of San GabrielLA-CE-1297-MPERB Decision12/14/20PDF
2750ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6161-E & LA-CE-6411-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)12/04/20
A482MCounty of Santa ClaraSF-CE-1688-MAdministrative Appeal11/02/20PDF
2749ESacramento City Unified School DistrictSA-CE-2945-EPERB Decision11/02/20PDF
A481EGompers Preparatory AcademyLA-DP-441-EAdministrative Appeal10/22/20PDF
2748EStockton Unified School DistrictSA-CE-2915-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)10/22/20
2719EaAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High, et al.LA-RR-1281-E, LA-RR-1282-E & LA-RR-1283-EPERB Decision10/14/20PDF
J030EAlliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High, et al.LA-RR-1281-E, LA-RR-1282-E & LA-RR-1283-EJudicial Review10/14/20PDF

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