PERB Rulemaking

The table below provides a summary of PERB’s  current and recently completed rulemaking. Rulemaking documents and additional detail are available by clicking the name of the proposed regulation in the table. The public is invited to participate in the rulemaking by submitting written comments or by attending the public hearings noted in the detail for each proposed regulatory change.


Proposed RegulationStatus
Expedited Case Processing

PERB Regulation 32147

Preliminary Rulemaking Activity: To be discussed at 12/9/2021 Board Meeting.
Transit RegulationsPreliminary Rulemaking Activity: Board approved proposed text at 10/14/2021 Board Meeting. PERB staff is preparing background materials in preparation of initiating the formal rulemaking process with the Office of Administrative Law.
Continuances, Exceptions, Recusals, Subpoenas, SMCSRegular Rulemaking Process: Public Comment Period Closed
Electronic FilingCompleted: Became effective on February 15, 2021.