Board Meeting Agenda – April 11, 2024 Board Meeting

Regular Business Meeting Agenda
Public Employment Relations Board
April 11, 2024 ~ 10:00 a.m.


LOCATION:  Public Employment Relations Board*

1031 18th Street, First Floor, Room 103, Sacramento, CA

Please follow the instructions below to attend the meeting remotely.

Attend the meeting via video-conference:

    1. In your web browser, go to
    2. Select “Join a Meeting”
    3. Enter the Meeting ID: 160 625 1597
    4. Enter your name
    5. Enter the Passcode: 4616289602, then click “continue”


To attend the meeting via teleconference:

    1. Dial (669) 254-5252
    2. When prompted, enter the meeting id: 160 625 1597#
    3. Press # to skip the participant id
    4. When prompted, enter the meting password: 4616289602#

A note on public comment:

In advance of the meeting, those who wish to comment during the public comment portion of the agenda or on specific agenda items may request to be added to the queue by emailing . Please be sure to include your name, affiliation if any, and topic in the email.

During the meeting, you can make a request to speak in person, via video or the teleconference line when prompted by the Chair at each appropriate agenda item.

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Adoption of Minutes. December 14, 2023, Meeting
  3. Public Comment. This is an opportunity for the public to address the Board on issues not scheduled on today’s agenda.  The Board cannot act on those items but may refer matters to staff for review and possible Board action at a future, publicly noticed meeting.
  4. Staff Reports. The following Reports will be received.  Any matter requiring Board action, and not included on this agenda, will be calendared for a subsequent public Board meeting.

A. Executive Director

B. Division of Administration

C. Office of General Counsel

D. Division of Administrative Law

E. State Mediation and Conciliation Service

5. Old Business:

A. Participation in PERB Proceedings Regulations: Consideration of approval for submitting a rulemaking package to the Office of Administrative Law to initiate the formal rulemaking process regarding PERB regulations that govern participation in PERB proceedings. The proposed regulation is available at: 

B. Amendments to Approved Proposed Transit Regulations: Consideration of changes to a previously approved rulemaking package to amend regulations that govern transit districts. The amended proposed regulation is available at:

  1. New Business:

A. Legislature Employer-Employee Relations Act Regulations: The Office of General Counsel will ask the Board to authorize the preparation of a rulemaking package to add new PERB regulations implementing the Legislature Employer-Employee Relations Act, and to further use its authority to appoint a subcommittee of two Board members to draft and review the proposed regulations.

B. Regulation 32150 (f)(2) Clean Up: Consideration of approval for submitting a rulemaking package to the Office of Administrative Law to initiate the formal rulemaking process regarding PERB regulation 32150(f)(2) which governs the production schedule for records subpoenas to fix a reference to an incorrect subsection. The proposed regulation is available at:

C. Recognition of Staff Services Manager Cheryl Shelly: The Board will recognize the retiring Cheryl Shelly for her nearly 17 years of service at PERB.

  1. Recess to Closed Session. The Board will meet in a continuous closed session each day beginning immediately upon recess of the open portion of this meeting through June 13, 2024. The purpose of these closed sessions will be to deliberate on cases listed on the Board’s Docket (Gov. Code sec. 11126(c)(3)), personnel (Gov. Code sec. 11126(a)), pending litigation (Gov. Code sec. 11126(c) (1)), and any pending requests for injunctive relief (Gov. Code sec. 11126(c) (2)(c)).


*This meeting is accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs disability-related accommodations or modifications in order to participate in the meeting shall make a request no later than five working days before the meeting to the Board by emailing  or sending a written request to PERB, 1031 18th Street, Sacramento, California 95811. Requests for further information should also be
directed via email to Additional information is also available on the internet at