PERB Constituent Survey

This image displays a screenshot of the constituent survey.NOTE: The survey is now closed.

The PERB Constituent Survey is now live!

In 2017, PERB launched the Case Processing Efficiencies Initiative to explore opportunities to streamline our processes and procedures to address our backlog of cases and improve the delivery of services to our constituents. The Board has implemented many of the key recommendations from the Initiative while others are awaiting regulatory approval.

Surveys such as this will allow PERB to solicit feedback on improvements that have been made, as well as identify other areas that may need attention. Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer these survey questions to help PERB fulfill our statutory mission to administer the State’s public sector collective bargaining statutes, ensure their consistent implementation and application, and adjudicate disputes between the parties subject to them.

Many of the survey questions ask constituents to rate your recent experiences on a scale from UNACCEPTABLE (very bad) to EXCELLENT (very good). Please focus on your experience as it relates to PERB’s processes, procedures, and operations and NOT on specific case outcomes.

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