How to Request an Arbitration List

The Panel of Arbitrators Selection System (PASS) will generate a random list of arbitrators based on criteria indicated in the parties’ request.  Please note that as of July 1, 2010, the fee for each new arbitration list request is $50.00 and payment must be received before we are able to process your request.  There will be no charge for substitute lists for the same case.

To request a list of arbitrators please click here. Parties may send requests via US Mail, e-mail or fax their request to the SMCS office at:

1031 18th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 – 4124
Phone:  (916) 322-7638
Fax:  (916) 327-7955

Absent a joint request to do otherwise, SMCS will send out lists of arbitrators who have indicated their desire to be listed for cases in the general region of the dispute (northern, central or southern California). Regardless of their place of residence, these arbitrators have agreed to charge travel and expenses only for costs associated with travel within the region.

If the request does not specify the number of arbitrator names, we will issue a list of seven. Although the request letter need not be actually signed by both parties, it must indicate that the requester sent a copy to the other party. The list is accompanied by the resume of each arbitrator on the list.

Custom lists

The State Mediation and Conciliation Service now has the ability to generate lists of arbitrators who have experience in videoconferencing. The request form has been updated to allow this option. If a request has already been submitted, parties may contact SMCS by phone at (916) 322-7638 or by email at to update their selections. Parties who have already received lists, but from which no selection has yet been made, may request a substitute list with the videoconferencing option at no extra cost.

Upon the joint request of the parties, SMCS will draw from the pool of arbitrators who meet specified criteria. Options for “custom” lists include:

  1. Experience in:
    b) Police
    c) Fire
    d) K-12 education
    e) Higher education
    f) Agriculture
    g) Local government
    h) Health care
    i) State government
    j) Interest arbitration
    k) Internal union disputes.
  2. Membership in:
    a) National Academy of Arbitrators
    b) American Arbitration Association
    c) California Bar Association
  3. Expedited availability-arbitrators who have indicated they typically have at least five open dates within the 60-day period after appointment
  4. Qualification as an attorney
  5. Local residence (arbitrators who actually reside in the region of the dispute)
  6. Video Conferencing

To exercise one or more of the above options, the request letter must clearly state the criteria requested.


When the parties select an arbitrator, they must notify SMCS. SMCS will notify the arbitrator, who will contact the parties to set dates. It is very important that the parties notify SMCS of their selection. SMCS is tracking arbitrator acceptability, and our data will be incomplete if we are not notified of arbitrator selections from our lists.


Please contact SMCS with any questions you may have. You may call the Sacramento office at (916) 322-7638, or email us at