Card Check Recognition

Information on “card check recognition” for local public agencies

As specified in Government Code Section 3507.1 (c), in certain circumstances, SMCS is responsible for determining whether an employee organization has exclusive or majority status in a local public agency. In order to initiate this process, the employee organization should submit the request in a letter to SMCS, accompanied by original signed authorization cards, union membership cards, or a petition clearly indicating the wishes of the employees to be represented by that organization. The letter should also indicate that the employee organization and employer have either agreed that SMCS will make the determination, or that they have failed to agree on a neutral to do so.

The assigned SMCS mediator will contact the employer to request a list of employees in the bargaining unit. He or she will compare the list against the authorizations submitted, and will issue a letter with his or her determination as to the status of the employee organization. The authorizations will then be returned to the employee organization.