REPRESENTATION ISSUES; UNIT MODIFICATION – Initial Representation Procedures and Unit Modification

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1310.05000 – Initial Representation Procedures and Unit Modification

Parties have the right to seek review of local agencies’ unit determination decisions under the MMBA by filing unfair practice charges. The statement in the Westlands Water District (2004) PERB Decision No. 1622-M (Westlands) decision that “[w]here a party instead seeks review of the unit determination decision itself, a petition for Board review should be filed” (PERB Reg. 60000, et seq.) is moot, because the Board repealed Regulations 60000 through 60070 on February 9, 2006, effective May 11, 2006. The union failed to establish a prima facie case that the local agency had failed and/or refused to comply with its local rules. The MMBA does not require the local agency to “meet and confer,” or bargain, with employee organizations regarding unit determination decisions made pursuant to its local rules.