UNION UNFAIR PRACTICES; DUTY OF FAIR REPRESENTATION – Grievance Handling/Contract Administration

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800.02000 – Grievance Handling/Contract Administration

Union’s failure to pursue grievance did not foreclose employee’s right to a remedy or completely extinguish his right to pursue his claim. Failure of union to present employee’s counter-offer to the employer does not establish a violation of the duty of fair representation. Charge failed to establish that union’s decision not to take grievance to arbitration was arbitrary or lacking in good faith, where union evaluated grievance in light of mediator’s assessment of the claim and provided employee with a written statement of the reasons it had decided not to pursue arbitration. Based upon the mediator’s assessment of the case, union determined that it would be better to address the contract language during negotiations rather than risk losing at arbitration. Employee failed to provide facts to demonstrate that the decision was without rational basis or devoid of honest judgment.