EMPLOYER DISCRIMINATION; ADVERSE ACTIONS – Warning Letters, Reprimands, Evaluations

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503.03000 – Warning Letters, Reprimands, Evaluations

When an employer places a document in an employee’s personnel file that impugns the employee’s reputation or otherwise potentially impedes the employee’s professional advancement, such action can constitute adverse action even absent any threat of discipline. (County of Riverside (2009) PERB Decision No. 2090-M, pp. 28, 30 [action need not specifically threaten discipline if it otherwise has an adverse impact on the employee’s employment]; State of California (Department of Youth Authority) (2000) PERB Decision No. 1403-S, pp. 32-33 [adverse action found where employer demeaned employee by issuing a substandard rating for “relationships with people,” and by imposing a documented requirement that a fellow employee had to review budget requests].) (p. 18, fn. 10.)