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1503.02000 – Regulations Considered (By Number)

PERB has enacted a series of regulations allowing for severance petitions and the procedures to be followed. (PERB Regs. 40200 through 40260.) Under PERB’s severance petition rules, the first step to establish such a unit of employees is to file a severance petition which is accompanied by proof of majority support in the unit claimed to be appropriate. (PERB Reg. 40200(a) and (b).) This proof of support is defined by PERB Regulation 32700. PERB Regulation 32700’s provisions specify that the proof of support must demonstrate that the employee desires to be represented by the employee organization and what information must be provided as to each employee signing the proof of support. There is no language in these proof of support regulations or any PERB rules governing severance petitions which provides that this demonstration of an employee’s desire to be represented may be controverted by a showing that the employee has subsequently withdrawn his or her support. Because no PERB regulations exist authorizing the use of signature revocations, we find that the Board agent improperly accepted the exclusive representative’s authorization revocation cards to determine if the proposed unit had proof of majority support.