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1304.01000 – In General

Where objections to an election have been dismissed, only the objecting party may appeal the dismissal to the Board itself. Unlike other regulations governing appeals to the Board itself, PERB Regulation 33009(g) is worded narrowly and specifically and is not a general grant of appeal rights as is found, for example, in PERB Regulation 32300(a), pertaining to exceptions to proposed decisions after an administrative hearing; or in PERB Regulation 32360(a), governing appeals from administrative decisions other than election objections; or in PERB Regulation 32635, permitting appeals by a charging party of a dismissal of an unfair practice charge. The narrow wording of PERB Regulation 33009(g) furthers the public policy favoring rapid and expedient resolution of representation matters, and for that it will be construed narrowly. Where the OGC sustained SEIU’s objection to an election and ordered the election results be set aside and that a new election occur, it was not necessary to rule on SEIU’s other objections. Because PERB Regulation 33009(g) permits appeals only of dismissals of objections, and because SEIU has obtained the relief that was available pursuant to PERB Regulation 33010, its request that the Board resolve its allegations of employer misconduct is not ripe. Having determined that one of the grounds for SEIU’s objection supported overturning the election and ordering a second election, the OGC did not need to investigate additional objections to the election based on employer misconduct. There is no justification for any further delay in this case which a remand for action by the OGC on the second objection would entail. Where allegations of employer misconduct were not dismissed by the Office of the General Counsel and PERB has not made any determination concerning them, they may be reasserted as a basis for setting aside a second election. Board agent does not have the authority to dismiss decertification petition in investigation of objections to election. Under PERB Regulation 33010, board agent’s authority regarding election objections is limited to dismissing the objections or setting aside the election.