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1308.01000 – In General

MMBA section 3507, subdivision (a) authorizes public agencies to “adopt reasonable rules and regulations after consultation in good faith with representatives of a recognized employee organization or organizations for the administration of employer-employee relations.” Such local rules may include provisions for, among other things, recognizing employee organizations and determining appropriate bargaining units. (MMBA, § 3507, subd. (a)(3), (4); County of Monterey (2022) PERB Decision No. 2821-M, p. 9.)

When a public agency has adopted local rules, PERB has jurisdiction over a representation petition only if the agency’s local rules contain no reasonable provision(s) that can accomplish what the petitioner is seeking without placing an undue burden on the petitioner. (County of Orange (2010) PERB Decision No. 2138-M, p. 9.) “[I]f an agency has not adopted a reasonable local rule on a particular representation issue, PERB Regulations fill the gap” by allowing PERB to process the petition. (Central Basin Municipal Water District (2021) PERB Order No. Ad-486-M, p. 8; MMBA, § 3509, subd. (a); PERB Reg. 61000.) The Board found the City’s ERO provides no avenue for processing a severance request without unduly burdening a petitioner, finding that PERB had jurisdiction over the petition, but dismissing it due to untimeliness. (pp. 16-22; 29-30.)