CASE PROCESSING PROCEDURES; COMPLAINT – Request for Deferral to Arbitration

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1103.11000 – Request for Deferral to Arbitration

“PERB may defer an unfair practice charge to arbitration if the respondent carries its burden to establish that: (1) the dispute arises within a stable collective bargaining relationship; (2) the respondent is willing to waive procedural defenses and to arbitrate the merits of the dispute; (3) the contract and its meaning lie at the center of the dispute; and (4) no recognized exception to deferral applies.” (Oxnard Union High School District (2022) PERB Decision No. 2803, p. 53.) Moreover, if the charging party is an individual employee and the applicable MOU does not allow an employee to advance a grievance to arbitration, PERB also must determine whether the exclusive representative is willing to proceed to arbitration on the employee’s grievance. (Claremont Unified School District (2014) PERB Decision No. 2357, p. 18.) (p. 5.)