CASE PROCESSING PROCEDURES; COMPLAINT – Request for Deferral to Arbitration

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1103.11000 – Request for Deferral to Arbitration

The most critical prong of the deferral test is often whether the contract and its meaning lie at the center of the dispute. (Oxnard Union High School District (2022) PERB Decision No. 2803, p. 55.) To meet this prong, the respondent must show, first, that the parties’ agreement prohibits the alleged unfair practice. (Ibid.) It is not sufficient for the agreement to “merely cover or discuss the matter.” (Ibid.) Rather, “the conduct alleged to be an unfair practice must be prohibited.” (Ibid.) Second, “resolution of the contractual issue must necessarily resolve the merits of the unfair practice allegation.” (Ibid.) This condition exists “if the contract incorporates the statutory legal standard, or if the parties ask the arbitrator to resolve the statutory unfair practice issue.” (Ibid.) “If resolution of the alleged unfair practice requires application of statutory legal standards, and there is no guarantee that an arbitrator will look beyond the contract and consider statutory principles, deferral is not appropriate.” (Ibid.) (p. 6.)