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1361E Lake Tahoe Unified School District
403.05000: EMPLOYER INTERFERENCE; RESTRAINT, COERCION; SURVEILLANCE; Information Sought or Obtained by Informants
The National Labor Relations Board has generally found that an employer has engaged in unlawful surveillance when the employer photographs or videotapes employees or openly engages in record keeping of employees participating in union activities; p. 2, warning letter. Unlawful surveillance of union activities was not demonstrated where the District was given copies of union meeting minutes and a fax by bargaining unit members, and inadvertently obtained a letter intended for the union president; p. 3, partial dismissal letter. There was no evidence in the charge that the District unlawfully obtained the documents described in the charge and therefore the NLRB cases where employers had unlawfully obtained information are distinguished; p. 3, partial dismissal letter. more or view all topics or full text.