Decision 1000E – Los Angeles Unified School District (Watts)


Decision Date: June 22, 1993

Decision Type: PERB Decision

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Perc Vol: 17
Perc Index: 24113

Decision Headnotes

1502.02000 – Initial Proposals

Government Code section 3547 contains no express language requiring that initial proposals be specific in nature; the proposals presented are specific enough to inform the public of the issues which will be the subject of negotiations; p. 6, dismissal letter. A "three-minute rule" does not prevent or preclude the public from the opportunity to express their views; p. 9, dismissal letter. Posting of proposals for 2 days and receiving public comment at 2 separate meetings over an 8-day period prior to conducting a public meeting represents a conscientious effort to fulfill the intent of EERA's public notice requirement; pp. 11-13, dismissal letter.