Decision 1457E – Capistrano Unified Education Association (La Marca)


Decision Date: August 20, 2001

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description: The Board dismissed the unfair practice charge, which alleged that the employee organization violated the EERA with regard to its handling of union elections in which the charging party was a candidate.

Disposition: Dismissed. The charge fails to state a prima facie case of a violation of EERA because it lacks an explanation of how the union’s internal handling of election procedures had an impact on employee-employer relations.

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Perc Vol: 25
Perc Index: 32106

Decision Headnotes

806.02000 – Internal Union Procedures

Board will not review internal union matters unless the adverse activities of the Respondent involved in the charge have a substantial impact on the relationship between unit members and their employer. Here, allegations relate to improprieties in an election process designed to elect officials to the union's State Council, and charge essentially challenges the union's internal handling of the election procedures, including ballot distribution and notification of results. Board dismissed charge because it failed to provide facts to explain how these matters have an impact on employee-employer relations.