Decision 1640E – Lucia Mar Unified School District


Decision Date: June 14, 2004

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description:  This case involves compliance proceedings for 1440 in which the Board found that the District unlawfully contracted out transportation services to STA, which were previously performed by unit members of CSEA.  The District was ordered to terminate the existing contract with STA at the earliest opportunity and make the employees whole.

Disposition:  The Board found that the District had avoided compliance with 1440 for 3 years and had ignored a lawful opportunity to terminate the contract.  The District sent the Board a letter dated June 4, 2004 that the parties agreed to a contract termination deadline of July 30, 2004 and withdrew its exceptions.  The Board agreed to this deadline.

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Perc Vol: 28
Perc Index: 177

Decision Headnotes

1108.01000 – In General

The District delayed compliance with an order issued by the Board three years before in Lucia Mar Unified School District (2001) PERB Decision No. 1440 and must comply with that order by July 30, 2004, a date agreed to by the parties. The order requires termination of a contract with Student Transportation of America for bus services.