Decision 2328M – City of Lompoc

LA-CE-555-M; LA-CE-564-M; LA-CE-585-M

Decision Date: October 3, 2013

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description: In four complaints consolidated for formal hearing, both parties were charged with violating the MMBA by failing and refusing to bargain in good faith. In addition, the City of Lompoc was charged with interference and discrimination/retaliation.

Disposition: The ALJ issued a proposed decision dismissing three complaints but also concluding that the City committed an unfair practice by unilaterally implementing a salary reduction without negotiating the methodology. Following the filing of exceptions, the Board granted the parties’ request to withdraw the matter due to a settlement.  The Board dismissed the unfair practice charges with prejudice.

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Perc Vol: 38
Perc Index: 57

Decision Headnotes

1107.15000 – Withdrawal of Appeal; Request that Decision be Vacated

Following the filing of exceptions to a proposed decision, the Board granted the parties' withdrawal request and dismissed the unfair practice charges with prejudice, finding that such disposition was in the best interests of the parties and consistent with the purposes of the MMBA.