Rulemaking: Electronic Filing

Notice of Approval of Regulatory Action – Electronic Filing

On January 14, 2021, the Office of Administrative Law approved OAL File Number 2020-1207-01. This rulemaking action implements procedures to allow for the electronic filing and service of case-related documents and to allow for the electronic signature of union authorization cards.

These regulatory changes mark the enactment of another priority recommendation from PERB’s Case Processing Efficiency Initiative. The proposed regulations update the Public Employment Relations Board’s rules that govern filing requirements, case processing, service of process, electronic signatures, as well as access and storage of case materials. In large part, these updates are intended to bring PERB in step with new case processing technologies, consolidate duplicative rules, fill procedural gaps, and simplify the Board’s procedures and processes for case adjudication in a way that make them more understandable to our non-attorney constituents.

The regulations became effective on February 15, 2021 and the text can be found here. The strikeout/underline text can be found here.

FAQ – The filings regulations question and answer can be found here:

Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action – contains information about the proposed regulatory changes and procedural information.
Express Terms of the Proposed Regulatory Text – the text of the proposed regulation.
Initial Statement of Reasons – explains the reasons why the proposed regulatory changes are being made.

The public comment period closed November 30, 2020.