NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING: Continuances, Exceptions, Recusals, Discovery, SMCS

Updated 6/15/21:The proposed regulatory text has been updated to correct two drafting errors:

On page 11, the text in 32155 (d) was initially a duplicate of the language in (c). The correct text is now in (d).

On page 14, a correction has been made to 32180 (a).



The proposed regulations update the Public Employment Relations Board’s rules that govern the circumstances requiring Board members and PERB employees to recuse themselves from proceedings, the filing of exceptions to Proposed Decisions, the use of discovery and motions in formal hearings, standards for obtaining continuances of a formal hearing, and more.
Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action – contains information about the proposed regulatory changes and procedural information.
Express Terms of the Proposed Regulatory Text – the text of the proposed regulation.
Initial Statement of Reasons – explains the reasons why the proposed regulatory changes are being made.
Any interested person, or his or her authorized representative, may submit written comments relevant to the proposed regulatory action to the Board. The written comment period closes on Monday, July 26, 2021, which is 45 days after the publication of this notice. The Board will only consider comments received at the Board offices by that time.
Submit written comments to: J. Felix De La Torre, General Counsel, Public Employment Relations Board, 1031 18th Street; by facsimile (FAX) at (916) 327-6377; or by e-mail at .