PERB Invites Comment on Proposed Regulation Packages for December Board Meeting

The Board invites members of the public to comment on draft proposed regulations. Members of the public may comment orally during PERB’s regularly scheduled Board meeting of December 12, 2019, or in writing prior to or during the meeting.

Please send comments to the Board care of Kristina Gonzalez, Assistant to the Board. Please either send comments by email to, or have a hard copy delivered to Ms. Gonzalez’s attention at PERB’s Sacramento office. There is no need to provide comments via both email and hard copy. While it is also possible to bring written comments to the December 12 meeting, it would be extremely helpful to provide written comments in advance.

The Board will be considering the following proposed changes to regulations:

Filing Requirements Regulations: Draft proposed revisions to regulations that govern filing requirements. (link to language below)