PERB Pilot Program – Pre-investigation Informal Settlement Conferences



March 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020

Pilot Program Specifics:

Conducting pre-investigation Informal Settlement Conferences to resolve pending disputes quicker and at the lowest possible level of administration within PERB.

In the past, PERB has offered this type of settlement conference only to constituents who had either provided notice that a request for injunctive relief would be imminently filed or had filed a request for injunctive relief.

  • Assist parties with a pending labor dispute in a more expedient fashion;
  • Confidential communication occurs between parties during the settlement conferences, before the dispute festers further;
  • Supports PERB’s mission of strengthening communication between the parties and promoting harmonious labor relations;
  • Helps reduce the number of unfair practice charges pending in the Office of the General Counsel, if a settlement is reached.
  • Must be a dispute that was appropriately filed with the Office of the General Counsel (i.e., timely filed, falls under an Act that PERB administers) or will be filed imminently, such as a request for injunctive relief;
  • Both parties must agree to attend the settlement conference, acknowledge confidentiality of the process, and that no waiver of any timelines will occur without a joint agreement of the same;
  • The parties must be prepared to discuss the issue, have settlement authority and bring the responsible individuals to the conference;
  • The request for a pre-investigation informal settlement conference must be initially submitted to and approved by the General Counsel ( or Deputy General Counsel ( for all three regional offices (916-322-3198).