Updates to PERB Website – Addition of Rulemaking Page, Regulations PDF

The PERB website, perb.ca.gov, has been updated.

The Laws and Regulations section of the site now includes three distinct pages. Laws and Regulations each have their own page and a Rulemaking page has been added to the site. The pages can be accessed through the drop down navigation labeled Laws & Regulations.

In addition, PERB’s regulations in PDF format have been added to the site.

To visit the Laws page, click here or go to: https://perb.ca.gov/laws-and-regulations/

To visit the Regulations page, click here or go to: https://perb.ca.gov/laws-and-regulations/regulations/

To visit the Rulemaking page, click here or go to: https://perb.ca.gov/laws-and-regulations/rulemaking/

 For a PDF version of PERB’s regulations, click here or go to https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/perb.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/20230821122441/PERB-Regulations.pdf