Apply to Join the SMCS Panel of Private Arbitrators

Please review the arbitrator panel requirements, and if you have not already done so, complete and submit to us the following materials. Note that all forms are in “fill and print” versions, using Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Arbitrator panel requirements
  2. Arbitration resume form
  3. Arbitrator information and renewal form
  4. List of arbitration cases form
  5. Supplemental information for interest arbitration form  (if you wish to be listed for interest arbitration cases);
  6. Sample written award you have issued (preferred), article you have published on a labor relations topic, or other expository writing sample, and
  7. A statement explaining the scope and duration of the applicant’s labor relations experience.

Please email or mail the information to us:


Note:The standard SMCS arbitrator resume form is now available for your use on Adobe Acrobat. It is fixed to one page and can easily be downloaded to your own computer. After downloading it, you can edit and save the file. Please send us a completed copy of your resume in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) by emailing it to: When you wish to update your resume, simply edit the saved copy (including the date of the resume) and send it in the same manner.