Decision 1700H – Regents of the University of California


Decision Date: November 1, 2004

Decision Type: PERB Decision

Description:  Charge alleged university ban on union representative from all facilities was overbroad and union access rights were violated by several policies.

Disposition:  Board found ban on union representative overbroad and not narrowly tailored to time, place, manner restriction as it applied to all university facilities, even those open to public.  Requirement that union representative sign-in or verbally identify self prior to entering facilities and identify employee to be visited found reasonable.  Ban on all demonstrations found overbroad as policy did not address situations where demonstrations would be permissible and ban on use of phones to communicate with union unless in collective bargaining agreement found violation of HEERA.  Ban on access to laboratory reasonable due to lab operational realities.

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Perc Vol: 28
Perc Index: 270

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