A Single-Digit Board Docket!

The Board is excited to announce that their docket only has eight cases awaiting decision – a far cry from the more than eighty cases on the docket in March of 2018. The single-digit docket is a reflection of the productivity of the Board itself, continued implementation of recommendations from the Case Processing Efficiency Initiative, increased capacity from resources provided by the Legislature beginning in 2018, and a low exceptions ratio from the Division of Administrative Law (appeals of Administrative Law Judge proposed decisions).

This continues a positive trend of productivity at the Board.  In July of 2021, with 14 cases on the docket, the Board announced that there were no cases before the Board that have been awaiting decision for more than six months from the time filings were complete (see Board Continues to Improve Processing Times in FY 2020-2021). The prior year in May, the Board announced that of the twenty-eight cases on the docket, none had been at the Board level awaiting a decision for longer than one year (see Board Docket at Lowest Level in Recent Memory) which was a significant improvement from prior years.

See the Board’s current docket at https://perb.ca.gov/the-board/board-docket/.