Board Docket at Lowest Level in Recent Memory

For the first time in recent memory the Board’s docket has no cases that have been at the Board level awaiting a decision for longer than one year, with twenty-eight cases currently awaiting decisions. This is quite an improvement over May of 2019, when forty-seven cases were at the Board and fourteen had been at the Board for more than one year. Even more impressive, a mere two years ago the Board’s docket stood at eighty-three cases with thirty-seven cases that were over one year old.

May 2020280
May 20194714
May 20188337

The Board’s productivity is a testament to their hard work, especially during the pandemic, as well as a number of other factors. The addition of a Board “bull pen” attorney as part of the 2018 Budget Act and subsequent addition of a second limited term “bull pen” attorney allowed for an increased capacity of the number of cases that could be handled by each Board member. The 2018 Budget Act also re-established the Executive Director position alleviating the Board members from managing operations and allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities rather than overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Board. More recently, the changes to the Board’s existing regulations concerning designation of precedential decisions has allowed the Board to devote more of its resources to cases that truly raise precedential issues, while simultaneously allowing it to rule more quickly on the remainder of the cases on its docket. Finally, the Board has put together an amazing team of legal advisors and support staff who work tirelessly to provide the Board the advice and assistance necessary to remain productive.

The Board has issued twenty-two decisions since the February Board meeting, bringing the year to date total to seventy-eight. That total is higher than four of the last five fiscal years, with over a month remaining in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The twenty-two recent decisions are listed below.

2715MEastern Municipal Water DistrictLA-CE-1335-MPERB Decision5/13/2020
2714ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6411-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)5/12/2020
2713ELos Rios Community College DistrictSA-CE-2844-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)5/12/2020
2712MCity & County of San FranciscoSF-CE-1576-MPERB Decision5/06/2020
2711EBerkeley Unified School DistrictSF-CE-3192-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/24/2020PDF
2710E* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Berkeley Unified School DistrictSF-CE-3141-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/17/2020
2709EJurupa Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6352-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/17/2020PDF
2708ESolano County Community College DistrictSF-CE-3254-EPERB Decision4/16/2020PDF
A478ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-6417-EPERB Decision4/16/2020
2707MCounty of RiversideLA-CE-1270-MPERB Decision4/15/2020PDF
2706M* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * City of Long BeachLA-CE-1081-M & LA-CE-1107-MPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/15/2020PDF
2705EMerced Union High School DistrictSA-CE-2798-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/15/2020PDF
2704H* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Regents of the University of CaliforniaLA-CE-1291-H & LA-CE-1292-HPERB Decision4/14/2020
2703ELos Angeles Unified School DistrictLA-CE-5981-EPERB Decision (Non-Precedential)4/01/2020PDF
2702MCity of SacramentoSA-CE-1009-MPERB Decision3/25/2020PDF
2701I* * * JUDICIAL APPEAL PENDING * * * Region 2 Court Interpreter Employment Relations CommitteeSF-CE-11-IPERB Decision3/16/2020
2700MCounty of RiversideLA-CE-1238-MPERB Decision3/12/2020PDF
A477HRegents of the University of CaliforniaSF-CE-1188-H, SF-CE-1189-H, and SF-CE-1192-HPERB Decision3/04/2020PDF
2699HRegents of the University of California (Teamsters Local 2010)SF-CE-1234-HPERB Decision2/27/2020PDF
2698MCity and County of San FranciscoSF-CE-1653-MPERB Decision2/24/2020PDF
2697MCounty of Tulare (Service Employees International Union Local 521)SA-CE-894-M, SA-CO-120-MPERB Decision2/20/2020PDF
2696HRegents of the University of California (Berkeley)SF-CE-1093-HPERB Decision2/18/2020PDF